CWORK® Security Measures

System Measures

CWORK® utilizes a high-security and general-purpose cloud service in the Japanese domestic domain. In addition, SSL encryption is applied to data storage and communication, the privacy policy is complied with, and the utmost care is taken for security measures.

IC chip

CWORK® is compatible with all major public certification cards distributed by public institutions and equipped with IC chips. The chip has been certified to ISO/IEC 15408, an international security standard, and various countermeasures are in place to prevent unauthorized data writing and theft. Unlike the face of the card, which can be printed illegally, it is difficult to use fraudulently. The IC chip records only basic information such as name and address, and does not record highly private information such as tax and pension information.

Service Operation

When the NFC chip is read by the CWORK® application, the consent and PIN input by the cardholder is required in accordance with the regulations of each card, and the acquired data will continue to be strictly managed in accordance with the privacy policy.